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The massive multiplayer browsergame "drug-pusher" lets you put on your alter ego of a drug dealer as you try to deal your way to a fortune. Of course you will be dealing with mostly illegal items but the profit margin is incredibly high - just as high as the extreme risks you are about to take. Undercover agents, bounty hunters and the competition are all out there just waiting to cut your career as a druglord short.

In this game you"re will not be moving coal or ore from one location to another. Instead you will up there in the skies with your jet on your way from one global metropolis to the next and enjoying the company of the whores on board with you. At your destination you will deal with drugs, open brothels and whorehouses and when the right moment has arrived you will come down hard on your unsuspecting competition and crush them in a big way.

The massive multiplayer browsergame drug-pusher.com lets the player walk in the boots of a drug dealer as he tries to make his fortunes through the clever purchase and sales of his wares. The player will deal with legal and illegal items and will own brothels and prostitutes which are the key to extended income. Over 50 different modes of transportation are available all with different cargo volume and speed capabilities as well as an arsenal of over 40 different kinds of weapons making every shootout a so much more satisfying experience.

The community around drug-pusher.com will get you started in no time with over 100.000 registered users easing beginners into the game and over 800 clans to join up with. If you"re tough enough and can afford it a rocket is the ticket to the infinite frontiers of the universe where new (illegal) substances will increase your fortune even further.

Play is free at drug-pusher.com and no additional downloads are required as the game is played in the browser itself. To register you need only supply an username and a password. Drug-Pusher is a compelling online game that continually challenges its players to develop new strategies.

  Website   http://www.drug-pusher.com/cgi... (972)
  Type   Browser-based game
  Genre   Fun
  Setting   Modern
  Project orientation   Commerc./Profes.
  Active players   > 20000
  Gameworlds   +=10
  Timing   Ticks
  Round length   Endless
  Game effort   Average
  Publisher   IWebYou GmbH
  IRC Data
  Language   English
  Development status   Alpha
  Added on   09/23/08
  Last update on   Tuesday 09/23/08 - 04:43 PM
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